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well, I would never of done one of these but I feel like it is important that I do one now.

Since the beginning of #GamerGate I would say, I have been a prominent "Face" of this Consumer Revolt for some time now. I have pushed for voices to be heard, things to happen, plans to be avalible for all. What I have done is for you guys, the people who care about Journalist Ethics and about Video games, Right?

I question alot of things and I sometimes jump to things that others might not, but in the process of it all I have made afew friends and alot ALOT of enemies. My experience with #GamerGate thus far has been a up n down and moreso a place where I learned what happens when your made intp someone/something you never wanted.

I will not lie, this has been a very stressful but needed push in video games and its never been about me or you, its been about #GamerGate and what it means always, but Mentally it has broken me afew times and with my job as well, I would say it has reminded me why im getting out of Psychology.

With that said I will address this now, I normally would never say it but it needs to be said now. I have recieved a HUGE AMOUNT of harassment from both sides but the most harassment Inhave recieved comes from #GamerGate itself, not really anti-GG surprisingly.

Emails, Image board threads, Reddit Threads, afew tweets here and there, DMs, even sometimes my Chat on Hitbox, though that is rare. The majority of these have come from regular #GamerGate followers and I have ignored it thus far as GG os more important then anyone of us at this time, but at the cost of my health as well.

I've said this before, I am burned out by my job of 7 years due to the overstress of having to side-step my entire life and problems always for patients to come first and this is the same for GamerGate. In the process of getting major players to the field for proper discussion, I have mentally and physically side-stepped my life for the greater good and in that process my actions have shown what I have done for everyone, the response met by most was not a pleasant one.

Emails from GamerGate side and acouple anti GG as well about how I need to kill myself so other streamers or whoever can have my viewers or how I need to stop talking anymore and how much of shit I am to be here, The best email I got was from someone who has around 10k follpwers on twitter who many of you know as a big #GamerGate person. They sent me death threats to phone calls, tried to trick me to drive to them for a "chat" even went so far as to claim I was a rapist and child molestor. Tgese thing happened mainly from #GamerGate but sadly, I said "Nah, fuck it Itll stop my actions will justicty my means always!".

well 3 months in and its only gotten worse, cherrypicking anything I do while others get a free pass because they are "Based" while im the faggot who needs to die. I will state that I also gained great friends out of this and I am glad for the moments shared but after all this, I am leaving #GamerGate

My opinion this far is this, emails worked keep it up if you care about it but remember that no one is your friend here unless you actually hang with them and more. Majority of #GamerGate are very nasty people but do have their minds in the right place, but does not justify the means of which to handle things.

After this, I wish #GamerGate good luck and I will continue to send emails. Hopefully, we will win shortly and we can all finally go back to playing vidya!

I will still stream from time to time but it wont be about #GamerGate anymore I think, for now at least. Maybe I will come back with the dust settles but for now I have been burned too hard by the ones I thought I was helping.

Keep emailing, This was never aboit me nor did I ask to be the E-Celeb the majority made me into. I have always said and shown that. Let my actions dictate what I do not what some imageboard or tweet or lazy stream or subreddit say. You have a braim use it and make up your own opinion.

I will not be doing another personal opinion or experience with #GamerGate I dont matter, thats why. Take care everyone! Some of you i love the majority I Hate.


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