150618 NYLON with Key (excerpts from interview) part 4

Q: What kind of comments did you have regarding your album, Odd?
Key: I talked a lot regarding our stage outfits. I wanted to make an interesting image without consistently wearing a lot of production clothes. Ah, since we're going to sing deep house, we can't wear uniforms. It's easy to look at pastel tones and cute clothes, and we have clearly defined lines between what is liked and disliked.

Q: Did you also gather the other SHINee member's opinions?
Key: The members don't dislike anything. All of us has a clear understanding of what each of us likes and dislikes. I like clothes, so I have a lot of comments regarding our stage outfits. There are members who are more concerned with the songwriting and there are members who are more interested in the dance/choreography, so we let out a lot of comments (in different areas). Whether the comments will be gathered and considered or not is the responsibility of the specialists. Since we've experienced various things in our seven years (of performing), we are able to do our own judgments, too. In this album (Odd), a lot of SHINee's ideas and decisions are included.


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