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[TRANS] Triangle DVD Interview behind story:

① Jaejoong-ssi agreed to do interview when he was very busy with his events. Even the staff felt pressured (worried) cos of the limited amount of time. But the moment Jaejoong-ssi came into the interview location, the atmosphere calmed down at once thanks to Jaejoong-ssi's friendly personality and gentle aura.

② Photo shooting - while striking various poses, Jaejoong-ssi also told jokes, he also did some cute poses, which made the cameraman and the staff laugh. From start to finish, our shooting set was full of laughter^^

③ We conducted the interview in Japanese. The reporter, who interviewed Jaejoong-ssi for the first time, was quite amazed by Jaejoong-ssi's excellent Japanese and impressed with his great personality^^

④ Jaejoong-ssi's attitude was very impressive! He immediately asked when there was some Japanese word that he didn't know. He wasn't ashamed of what he didn't know. Very honest and upright. I think this humble attitude of him must remain in the mind of the cast and the staff who have worked with him^^

⑤ After the interview, Jaejoong-ssi was curious about the reactions to Youngdal's transformation (into Dongcheol). [Does it looks natural?] [Don't you think it's too sudden?] It was a very important part of the drama, so he was concerned about how it came out. That's the moment we could see his actor soul.

⑥ Jaejoong-ssi really liked the cake the reporter prepared for him. He naturally handed over the cake to the staff members around him [Would you eat with me?]. Despite being a big star, his kindness made all the staff deeply impressed^^

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