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The answers to our quiz.

1. Ryeowook was casted by SM after he took part in a singing contest. What is the name and year of the competition, what prize did he win and what is the title of the song he sang?
Answer: CMB Chin Chin Song Festival ; 2004 ; silver prize ; 걸음이 느린 아이 (Slow Walking Kid)
*** Almost everyone answered 2nd prize. The answer we were looking for was Silver prize (은상 or Eunsang) but it's not equivalent to the 2nd prize. Ryeowook was one of two silver prize winners and above him, there was a Gold prize (금상 or Geumsang) winner and a Grand prize (대상 or Daesang) winner. [source: ccsf.co.kr]

2. What is the name of Ryeowook's high school?
Answer: Deokwon Arts High School
*** The school's official English name is romanised as Deokwon but we accepted Dukwon.

3. What is Ryeowook's baptismal name (the name given to him when he was baptised)?
Answer: Joseph

4. A song composed by Ryeowook was included in a Super Junior album. What is the title of the song and which SJ album was it in? You have to give the order of the album (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc), the album title and be specific about the album version.
Answer: Love U More ; 3rd album ; Sorry Sorry repackaged or version C

5. How many times did Ryeowook perform in Immortal Song 2? What is/are the title(s) of the song(s) he performed when he won?
Answer: 7 times ; 봉선화 연정 (Garden Balsam Crush) & 그녀를 만나는 곳 100m 전 (100m Before I Met Her)

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