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【Trans】rough and flawless, JAEJOONG ② (anan 2019.4.17)

I want to put my best effort on ”what I can do” now rather than ”what I want to do”.

"The activities in Japan are what I have longed for. The wish came true and I was able to do my best in Japan for the past year. I have no time off so I feel too fulfill. Lol. But I appreciate this situation.”
It has already been a year since he resumed his activities in Japan. Also on this day, "After the interview of anan, there is shooting on location of TV program until morning (Lol)" In this way, he's in great demand from various fields. Even though he is busy, he has a lively look because he feels "reborn" through a change in thinking.
"I've talked at the concert, in fact, I had a selfish time in my late twenties. I had a strong desire that I wanted to do what I wanted to do or I wanted to express my own characteristics. I was full of ego. Lol
However, I became in my thirties, the way of thinking changed. Now, I became to want that please let me do everything what I can do, at my age now, or with my physical strength now. Owing to that thought, I became to receive a wide variety of offers. I am living a fulfilling life definitely compared to before.”
In addition to the changes in his thinking, he is also attractive with fluent Japanese, which he was trying not to forget, and with the naturalness that cannot be imagined from his cool appearance.
I have been able to appear on many Japanese variety shows over the past year, but at first I was very nervous. It's been a long time, so when I entered a TV station, I was moved to say "Ah, it was like this." So at that time, I thought I had not to be too eager for success, and I tried to throw away myself. My Japanese is not perfect and there are many things I do not know. However, I thought that's uncool if I pretend to know everything or I show off. As a result of showing me honestly, many people were interested in me. But (suddenly he was discouraged) I seem to be considered a little stupid by everyone ... I definitely want you to write this, but I also have a serious side and an adult side! Please believe in me! "

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