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Commonalities In Occurrence Of The Dynamic "Uncertainty & Threshold" For Suggested Use W Paradigms

I've noticed the dynamic "uncertainty & threshold" is operative
in the area of cultural choices & epigenetic offset, which is to say,
given a set of cultural choices, there will be a corresponding set
of epigenetic offsets.

Whether the latter's "natural, normal or appropriate" thus becomes
a matter of how well matched those cultural choices are with what
should be deemed our rightful stage of development (humanity as
being with given character, self considered of infinite variety but
centered around a central basic humanity, or human character.)

The general idea, further, then specific companion twishorts
containing much as to this paradigm follows, in turn followed by
a list of other instances where uncertainty & threshold appears

I'm retirement age, a health econ-medical econ/public health professional.
Certain applications in uncertainty & threshold are easily seen
in economics as a standalone subject, these instances described
on a personal website.
I won't list that website here for fear of appearing simply spamming.
I'll add those website entries here, word for word, some only after the
initial opening and offering of this twishort, which exists under my own
user id & pw, and which I'll be updating, in all parts.

paradigm centrally, or
originally, relates to populational
composition as a normal natural
appropriate offset to cultural choices,
so as to match sustenance provision
relative to population, epigenetically
(more hands fewer mouths, extra,
extra mascuine, males, for war.
(a FURTHER common trait's in turn
correlated with Winter birth, implying
relation to scarcity and non-cooperation
between cultures.)
(Certain women bestow a concentrating
of gay factor amongst latter born males
in longer birth strings, a perfect picture
of extra hands fewer mouths and
especiailly uncertainty & threshold.
In turn, this would relate to energy
stasis running from the community level
down to the mitochondrial.

First Available For War:
--from longer birth strings
--from among latter born
--from women of higher fecundity

More Hands Fewer Mouths
--gay's correlated with a particular trait mattering
just here (it's otherwise correlated with many
traits specifically (orientation involves a multitude
of epigenetics.))
--that trait's correlated with winter birth, implying
extra hands for resource collection only

War and non-cooperation as to sustenance is a picture
of the culture one might associate not simply with
warlordism, or confrontational oligarchies, but specifically
with Caligula, owing to his match with additional following:
The particular trait correlating gay ALSO correlates with
pedophilia; and, pedophilia correlates with the apathic

This appear being about the epigenetics of the pedophilic,
apathic warlord's marauding culture, as opposed to
non-confrontational democracies, our next stage.

i regard what I'm doing consists of the stacking of
fact bases with just enough narrative for glue value.
A paradigm self-presents from the evidence.
No anecdoctal evidence is needed; however, it exists.
The paradigm implied, concentrically, the close in
toward the most elite within a ruling class of oligarchs
and their arrogant sellouts one gets, the more
pedophilia should show itself. Anecdotal evidence along
that line has recently become abundant.

Much of what's presented contradicts the naivete,
scapegoating and arrogance that's been applied by
persons purporting to be the religious voice for certain
from among our cultures' would be leaders, such that,
they obviously make their preachings look bogus.
However, the paradigm implies cultural choices are
defining of everything. Ironically, that seems merging
cultural choices (which his morality, or religion,)
with experimental science.

Uncertainty & threshold instances, with more to be
added ad infinitum by myself, will follow/follows:

to be used with these twishorts, which will be needing
and generally receiving, link repair needs and simply
more fact basis and parallels with the dynamics.

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adding imminently. please check back soon.
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