Commonalities In Occurrence Of The Dynamic "Uncertainty & Threshold" For Suggested Use W Paradigms


Key Clustering Of Twishorts:
Considerable layering of twishorts (pyramidal
stacking of of them within themselves) is
under construction.

I the author entered medical/health econ/public health
from economics; econ's but one part of the uncertainty
& threshold presentation; it's part of larger paradigm
presentation; nonetheless, the economics part of
uncertainty & threshold is getting shortly & ongoing
frankly much as to examples there including with
specific relevances to our own case (i'm writing
U.S. 2019.)
I'll be adding the concentration in that at the bottom of
this twishort, an adaptation from my own website, all
ready to otherwise copy-paste.

I've noticed the dynamic "uncertainty & threshold" is operative
in the area of cultural choices & epigenetic offset, which is to say,
given a set of cultural choices, there will be a corresponding set
of epigenetic offsets.

Whether the latter's "natural, normal or appropriate" thus becomes
a matter of how well matched those cultural choices are with what
should be deemed our rightful stage of development (humanity as
being with given character, self considered of infinite variety but
centered around a central basic humanity, or human character.)

The general idea, further, then specific companion twishorts
containing much as to this paradigm follows, in turn followed by
a list of other instances where uncertainty & threshold appears

I'm retirement age, a health econ-medical econ/public health professional.
Certain applications in uncertainty & threshold are easily seen
in economics as a standalone subject, these instances described
on a personal website.
I won't list that website here for fear of appearing simply spamming.
I'll add those website entries here, word for word, some only after the
initial opening and offering of this twishort, which exists under my own
user id & pw, and which I'll be updating, in all parts.

paradigm centrally, or
originally, relates to populational
composition as a normal natural
appropriate offset to cultural choices,
so as to match sustenance provision
relative to population, epigenetically
(more hands fewer mouths, extra,
extra mascuine, males, for war.
(a FURTHER common trait's in turn
correlated with Winter birth, implying
relation to scarcity and non-cooperation
between cultures.)
(Certain women bestow a concentrating
of gay factor amongst latter born males
in longer birth strings, a perfect picture
of extra hands fewer mouths and
especiailly uncertainty & threshold.
In turn, this would relate to energy
stasis running from the community level
down to the mitochondrial.

First Available For War:
--from longer birth strings
--from among latter born
--from women of higher fecundity

this is intrinsically uncertainty & threshold based

More Hands Fewer Mouths
--gay's correlated with a particular trait mattering
just here (it's otherwise correlated with many
traits specifically (orientation involves a multitude
of epigenetics.))
--that trait's correlated with winter birth, implying
extra hands for resource collection only

War and non-cooperation as to sustenance is a picture
of the culture one might associate not simply with
warlordism, or confrontational oligarchies, but specifically
with Caligula, owing to his match with additional following:
The particular trait correlating gay ALSO correlates with
pedophilia; and, pedophilia correlates with the apathic

This appear being about the epigenetics of the pedophilic,
apathic warlord's marauding culture, as opposed to
non-confrontational democracies, our next stage.

i regard what I'm doing consists of the stacking of
fact bases with just enough narrative for glue value.
A paradigm self-presents from the evidence.
No anecdoctal evidence is needed; however, it exists.
The paradigm implied, concentrically, the close in
toward the most elite within a ruling class of oligarchs
and their arrogant sellouts one gets, the more
pedophilia should show itself. Anecdotal evidence along
that line has recently become abundant.

Much of what's presented contradicts the naivete,
scapegoating and arrogance that's been applied by
persons purporting to be the religious voice for certain
from among our cultures' would be leaders, such that,
they obviously make their preachings look bogus.
However, the paradigm implies cultural choices are
defining of everything. Ironically, that seems merging
cultural choices (which his morality, or religion,)
with experimental science.

Uncertainty & threshold instances, with more to be
added ad infinitum by myself, will follow/follows:

to be used with these twishorts, which will be needing
and generally receiving, link repair needs and simply
more fact basis and parallels with the dynamics.

https://twishort.com/GSZmc ​

this "twishort's" "URL" is

...in the plain english meaning
from physicists publishing for the
benefit of professionals and the
general public.
quantum's partly about alternating
before and after. now here is now
there also if now here is happening.
before and after become simply,
this here, and this simply over here,
also, one reacting with the other
with no mind for distance or time.
Lens trick doubles odds for quantum interaction

more as to quantum:
Quantum machine shows promise for biological research

(figure, obviously, much the
world of cancer)
for the non-professional, the quickest
way to see that is when you're in the sun
and melanin rich and take time for the melanin
to accumulate, you may get a deep tan and
feel glad for having the melanocytes producing it.
but, it's the fact of their being incited to reproduce
much more rapidly that's one key dynamic in
cancer formation (in this case, involving the protective
cells: melanoma.) similarly, when you drink scolding
liquid the accelerated replacement of cells on your
gums' surfaces is a cancer opportunity dynamic.
each case obviously involves uncertainty & threshold,
as much as what also will define some, many, most, or
all dynamics also carcinogenic in the same case.
where it's the rare cancer involving the known genetic
inducer then it was uncertainty & threshold that placed
the flaw in the host line genome.

Physics explains protein unpredictability

Financial Brownian Motion
The physics of finance helps solve a century-old mystery

A response-adaptive randomization/(RAR) trial design
Can Response-Adaptive Randomization Increase Participation in Acute Stroke Trials?

The preparer of this twishort (myself) has two examples from
economics self-generated apart from the brownian motion
observation linked above.

They're being rewritten for full original inclusion here
including so as to not link back to the website where
they're entered (my own health econ oriented site)
obviously because:
---i never spam
---it's far more practical for the you simply reading

Give it just a bit of time and the first is my own take
on a flatly uncertainty & threshold fitting discovery of
one Joe Weisenthal, an economist well known from
broadcast TV, with my having first read his discovery
at Business Insider (he's at Bloomberg (Financial)
Television today.) I coined a name for the discovery:
the chicken switch gap," after a scene in "Octopussy"
(one "Holly Harwood" advises of the availability of
a "chicken switch."
It's a forex trading breakpoint.
This is that scene. The Movieclips uploading label
appears to indicate licensed (only a best assumption.)


A Not Large But Significant
Clustering Of Human Births With Missing
Partial Limbs In 3 French Regions
...Owing To The Fact Of Similar Events
Occurring In Local Agricultural Animal
Populations, Appears Likely Related To
Something Happening On The Farm.
This Is Probably A Product Specific
To Pest Control, Specifically Aimed At
GMO's, Or Not GMO's, Or Both.
A Lead: Brittany & Loire Atlantique
Are Actually Both Northwest (Fairly
Close To Each Other Though The Latter's
West Shore.)
Here's Why I Don't Expect An Effluent
Offshore To Be Involved.
(And How They Cook It.)
And This HAS To Be About Something
NEW. On The Farm. Because.
Go Back: The Farm Animals.
Santé Publique France: I Think You're
Looking Simply For What's New &
​Different, On The Farm, Northwest.
​Which Animals? What Are They Eating?

How Uncertainty & Threshold May Be
Working In Brittany & Loire Atlantique:
GMO's Are Engineered To Be More
Resistant To Heavier Dousing With
Herbices; And, They're Engineered To
Express In Their Flesh Pesticides
Naturally Expressed In Donor Non-
Engineered Crops But In Far Greater
Concentration And Total Quantity
(As To What's Consumed.)



primary connection combines uncertainty
in principle (extensive field presence) &
our present case right off the bat.

The IS/LM's about investment/savings
equilibrium with liquiduty/demand for money.


the lower and for longer rates are the more
trump can raid treasury. he doesn't care about
debt based interest rate defined structural
bankruptcy, he's shown no limit to selling out
national interest let alone resources and 
splendor for personal money support of what
looks a long debt over-burdened org of his own.



the bank bailout


...only for them to recreate the 2008 liquidity
crisis and private Fed-TBTF funding routine
from entirey self-serving policies following
onn the bailout.
that half the market that made the right 
decision bailed the alphas, w/ trump LOOKING
having been bailed by that as well as by moscow.
12/13 years of nominal rates reflecting 
no return on good decision makers' proceeds
in favor of free liquidity enabled market 
insulation and bubble asset fencing and 
bubble asset inflation transfering has left
investment/savings and liquidity/demand
for money, as related dynamics, fibrillating
pathically as much as arctic melting's done
that to the jet stream.

Has Anyone Else
Noticed That When The Fed Buys
Mortgage Backed Securities Not
At Market Price It's Not Fully
Exchanging Debt For Equity, Or  
Debt For Debt. Insofar As It Can't
Cover It's "Investment" With A Gain
Somewhere, It's Adding Money Supply.
Saying Otherwise Is To Say The Fed
Can Decree Banks Don't Overpay.

PLUS: If It Does So At The Peak Of A
Bond Bubble, And Sells When Interest
Rates Rise, Insofar As it Can't
Cover With A Gain Somewhere, It's 
Adding Money Supply. That's Cause 
The Market's Dynamic, And As Much As
The Fed May Control Policy So As To
Prevent Bank Loss Taking, It Can't 
Change The Fact It Requires Less 
Principal For Comparable Return With
Higher Rates.

That's Twice The Eager Sucker For Anyone
From The Correct-Decision Half Of The Market
Getting Drained By The Alphas. 

Whether A Recap Or Partial Or Phased
Recap Should Have Been In The Cards,
Even Letting The Banks Get Away
With Not-Market Value But In An
Accelerated Resolution Trust Scheme
Would Have Preserved A Little More
Of The Market Dynamic, Completed
The Transfer Of Unearned Value To
Them Swifter, And It Would Have Been 
More Visible And Quantifiable For 
Windfall Profits Tax Purposes.
The Liquidity Trap, What Has Defined
The Market For The Past Few Years,
Could Have Been Avoided.

That's Been So Dominating, Till Now
There's Been Little Need For Curves.

So, For Instance, The Beveridge Curve
(Job Openings Vs. 
Unemployment Rate, A Measure
Of Market Efficiency And Sensitivity,)
May Reflect Uncertainty, But The
Basis For That May Be Read Wrongly.
I Think It's Reflecting Not Uncertainty
Caused By People At The Receiving
End Of The Blame Game, But The
Expectation Rates Will Rise.

That The Liquidity Preference 
Reflected Only Makes Sense In The
Presence Of Uncertainty Is 
Confirmed By That Very Expectation,
In Turn Confirming John R. Hicks’
Commentary As To Uncertainty.

The Banks Themselves Took 
A Pass On The Liquidity Trap
Created For Themselves.

Naturally, Those Who're Falsely
Blamed Are Simply The Vulnerable.
The Elderly, Kids Seeking A Good
Education, People Suffering At 
The Hands Of Corrupted Policy
Making And The Socialization Of
Just Cost, And, Whomever The 
Scapegoating Of Whom Appeals
To The Needs Of Those Who 
Need To Look For Fault, Though
Humans Suffering Frailties Find
Friends From All Corners.
Fortunately, So Do Happy People.

When Contemplating How Congress
Used To Blame The Yuan And Social
Security And Medicare For America's
Problems, Think About The Policy Of
Hand It Over That's Been Aimed At
Everyone Who Sold The Bubble And
-1-            -2-


The Above Really Also Applies To The
IS/LM Curves Because The Trailing Of
The Investment/Savings Curve Simply
Gets Reflected By The Entirety Of
Investors, Including The Ones 
Interested In The Yuan In
Toronto And Switzerland.

Utterly Baseless Keynes Blaming

--that link's to a space in my own website:
i'm prepping providing the gist, here, without
doing that.-- 

(fulfills an earlier promise, by the whey;
coming: replacing s & l bust / resolution trust
w/ 0% / QE, then looking at IS/LM, and then
landing on "pushing on a string.")

Named after a Bond formula series scene 
by myself, a graphically generic pressure-
giving way point identified by Joe Weisenthal
while at BusinessInsider.com (he's Bloomberg
as of this entry here)
ideally fits uncertainty & threshold,
--that link's to a space in my own website:
im prepping providing the gist, here, without
doing that.-- 
and though I plead 
cluelessness as to his intentions some would
likely see resonance with this incident, and
it obviously is likely possible to brute force
self-push-game with pre-awareness, even with 
verbal foreshadowing both enabling one to appear
smart while pre-conditioning the market for
the event.

New York Fed’s Repo Loans Are Foaming
the Hedge Fund Runways
ENEN: as to which of or both of the following 
aspects Tim Geithner may've harbored 
intent i plead cluelessness,.
howevah, while I'd see the above heading
being mostly about absorbing the shock 
of alphas buying back the for-their-benefit-
at-bubble-sellers'-expense artificially reflated
bubble they created originally but bought 
anyway and now they've done it again. i'd
say geithner's foam the runway was about 
market insulating bubble assets for a 
privileged group, one, but, two, in the end,
was also about laundering those assets since
the Fed purchased MBS's not at market value 
and sold thrm to mostly bank affiliates now
using the underlying property in their nEw
rentier economy, literally a sharecropper
relation given the completely anti-democratic
process, with the actual bubble sellers having 
concomitantly simply sat through no safe
return on full bubble asset proceeds and
today looking at serious negative rates, what's
then outright in you face robbery.

The Entire Correct Decision Side Of
The Market's Been Handed 0% For 13
Years With Liquidity Pumped Into 
Reflating The Bad Decision Makers'
Bubble Assets.
That Plainly Corrupts IS.
LM's Left With A Pushing On A String
Role Structurally.

Trump's Strictly Herbert Hoover'ian.
As To Applying Ravi Batra's Copious 
Fact Basis, All The Mistakes That Brought
On Ponzi Scheme Style Collapses Essentially
From Relentless Shafting Of Most 
Americans By An Entrenched Pleasure 
Dome Defined By Pay To Pay.
Many Among Them WELCOME
Market Crashes.
They Pick Up Assets For Pennies On The
Dollar And Play The Short Side.
Hedging's A Free Enterprise Efficiency
Enabler And Anti-Fragility Like Useful Tool,
And An Investment Enabler For A Vastly
Enlarged Population So Long As They're 
Information Enabled And Not Taken
Advantage Of By People Who Have
Undemocratic Influence Over Markets.
The Culture Of Wealth Concentration And
Trickle Down Combined With Selling Debt 
To Unqualified Persons The Population Of
Which Is Increased By Hoover'ian Economics
Then Becomes The Failed Market Offering 
Assets For Pennies On The Dollar After The
Short Side Play.
And 2008 Was About Shorting One's Own
Buyers Of One's Own Toxic Asset Filled
Debt Ownership.

We Haven't Recovered From 2008 But Its
Dynamic Is The Official System.

"'The Chicken Switch' (Gap--")
--that link's to a space in my own website:
im prepping providing the gist, here, without
doing that. i use citebite for the archival value
as well as to of course highlight the telling

...coming shortly

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