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【Trans】Music Interview JAEJOONG② TV LIFE Premium 2019.4.15

【I want to work to respond to the request of my fans.】
Jaejoong has long stated that he is a fan of L'Arc~en~Ciel HYDE and X JAPAN YOSHIKI. Last year he co-starred with the longing two in the Halloween live events hosted by HYDE. "It was like a dream that I had stood on the stage together and that was unbelievable. Foe me, YOSHIKIsan is a god-like existence, and HYDEsan is a legend. I could meet God and Legend at the same time! Lol. Because they are also famous in Korea, my friends said, "Envious! Now I know you were such a great person to be able to perform with them." Lol. I also often talk about juniors in public. Then the fellow fans will be delighted. And my fans also support them because they are close with me. There is such a good relationship. In the same way, HYDEsan and YOSHIKIsan's fans support me and I am happy.”
He has become quite familiar with Japanese variety programs, by his friendly character, and is gaining new fans. He sometimes does ego-search and sees the public response.
“While watching variety shows people had interested in me and say "who is Jaejoong?”, and then when they react to my songs and talks, I'm glad they become to know about me. I want you to be interested in my music and other aspects, starting with the variety show. Music is my main business, but I also know the importance of name recognition, so I will do my best in the variety programs, I want people who still do not know my existence in Japan to know me. I'm nervous on variety shows. I have done a culture unique to Japan, such as Haiku and Ikebana on the variety programs, but if I have no experience, I will study and prepare in advance, and then I will do it.”
He appeared on a number of shows and actually had fun.
"When I appeared in "The Dokkiri GP the celebrities really thought," Yamauchi san(Kamaitachi) played as "Yokai makura gaeshi (Japanese specter). It was so funny that I laughed to tears. I knew for the first time that it was so funny that other people waking up. Lol. When I played a charisma clerk role in "Sukatto Japan",although I took off my T-shirt, I laughed thinking this was unbelievable.”
He is actively communicating with fans through SNS. When does he want to post to SNS?
"It depends on the time, but basically I post when I want to post. Lol. Sometimes I will post a single photo when it seems that there is no news for the fans to tweet. Taking that picture as a trigger, my fans tweet in various ways and try to interact with each other. That's wonder and interesting.”
Finally I asked about the future goals.
"Last year was like a dream year. At first I came to Japan with anxiety about whether I could work well. So I was really happy to be able to work active. As it is thanks to the support of my fans, I would like to do what I can respond more to the support this year. And now I am 33 years old, I will be more careful about my health. So I thought I would do my best for training this year, but there were too many work schedules and I didn't have time to go to the gym. But it's nice to have a lot of work!”

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