[SHINee - Article] SHINee kicks off their third Japan tour in Chiba!

On the 24th of September, SHINee's 3rd album, "I'm Your Boy" was released and was first in the Oricon Daily Album Chart for four days straight. Accelerating such a force even further, SHINee embarks on their third nationwide tour, "SHINee World 2014 ~I'm Your Boy~" in 20 venues and 30 total performances. The curtain rose at Ichihara in Chiba last September 28.

Up to the first half of October, SHINee will be visiting halls in locations they haven't been to before. These performances are held in halls with the intention of making them shorten the distance between their fans and be closer to them than ever before, which was why fans all over the country had been looking forward to the first day of the tour. As soon as SHINee appeared on stage, cheering arose from the crowd and the venue was covered in the glow of pearl aqua green penlights.

For the sake of the fans in Japan who were eagerly waiting for them, SHINee had prepared to the point of perfection once more. With such closeness that can only be from imagination, the venue was wrapped in an air of nervousness during the opening. In order to ensure their closeness to their fans, with heightened nerves from the tips of their toes to their fingers, they performed with such concentration that delivered the spirit of their performances directly to the audience.

After the opening, the leader Onew was first to greet, "Everyone, how are you?!" and with that one voice, the venue was immediately wrapped in a warm and gentle air. "We are really close to everyone," were the words member Key said, and said that to receive the fans' cheer at such close range made the members' spirits rise. With a full band, the members performed freely and moved around, shouting and encouraging responses from the crowd.

SHINee's performance, with an increasing groove with the band, with the colorful stage costumes, with bustling, energetic songs, and with expressions that change every stage, overwhelmed the audience from beginning to end. Most special are the songs from the album, "I'm Your Boy" which was released before the concert, which were gathered and performed in front of the audience (for the first time).

In the latter half of the concert, the lead song, "Downtown Baby" was performed with a light, but well-coordinated dance. The five members performed fully-loaded with happiness and made the venue erupt in smiles and laughter.

The entire concert was performed live with a total of 25 songs woven together, including the encore stage. "For the remaining 29 concerts, we'll all be doing our best so please treat us well!" the members said as they waved to the crowd with the band members, dancers, and staff.

From their powerful pop tunes to their tender ballads, SHINee had expressed them all so colorfully with such skill. They will continue to do so until their last stop on December 14 in Kobe. Following their album title, "I'm Your Boy," this tour is expected to "transmit their feelings personally to their fans all over the country", a journey that will mostly be overflowing with love.

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