[TRANS] 150524 Lee SangMin Instagram Update with SHINee: @/ scoop_cafe Seeing my five juniors after a long time ㅠ
I know them since their debut so I adore these kids more~
It's so nice to see all of them after a long time ㅠㅠ
More cheerful our Jingki Majingki ke My junior who is talking a lot:
We'll see soon at #Scoop my juniors-
Hyung is waiting first for come down kekekeke

Jonghyun-ah..You are really a celebrity kekekekeke
Minho, you are celebrity too kekekekeekeㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Hug you all kekeke https://instagram.com/p/3B0CPjN0MX/?taken-by=scoop_cafe

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