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[Trans] #3Days Making Film: Is it OK for an action star to look that sexy?

Is it OK for an action star to look that sexy?
Here is the action filming set where Taekyung is rehearsing!
Then, the real shooting starts!

"Seems like it really hurt"

Martial Arts Director: OK~ Nice~
(joke) "I don't think it's good~"

However, Taekyung enters into action practice.
Adjusting the action moves without resting!

Taekyung bursts out of laughing because of the staff hidden behind the door.

"Is your shoulder OK?"
"Lately, I'm not using it"
" Up until now, I didn't use it even once since then~"

After lacing his shoes, now the real filming starts!

"Are you alright?"
Taekyung sits on the ground, tired.

Martial Arts Director: "I think it will be great to use a double/stuntman in this scene."
(joke) "He doesn't like it~"
(joke2) "He really doesn't like it"
Martial Arts Director: hahaha
(joke3) "I'm gonna curse you!"

Taekyung and the Martial Arts Director look really close(?)
"Why aren't we doing it like we used to?" (T/N hug?)
Taekyung reports(?) the truth and the Martial Arts Director is embarrassed.

Martial Arts Director "With all your soul and might!"
The filming endlessly repeats again and again!

Time to cool down the sweat for a short while~

Even afterward, he strived for the filming.

Then, Taekyung... (beware the heart attack)
He presents the making camera with a magical eye contact.
This person.. why is he being like that to us?..

After filming

Please continue to look forward to Taekyung's action scenes~

Source: http://youtu.be/dlmeg3WATec

Translated by Sheena

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