[SEEK IV] Minho x Key - The only same-age combi has contrasting hobbies and interests!

Minho: Before Key, I've never met anyone who hates balls. I can't believe it!
Key: As for me, I can't understand why Minho wouldn't want to go out in the city and play.
Minho: I go out to play soccer and basketball.
Key: You call that playing?
Minho: Yeah! But the way Key memorizes choreography is really amazing! Even though the four of us have forgotten, he will still remember it. I really respect him for that.
Key: I really respect Minho's height.
Minho: Eh? That's all?!

Key: Our interests are really different so I really don't understand him (LOL)
Minho: If you could only like balls more.
Key: If you could only go out more.


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