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RT @realjonghyun90 I received birthday wishes for many people. Thank you. I think it's grateful to share this kind of day with other people. However there's a reason I want to tell you something. I know you didn't forget about Sewol ferry. Between of Danwon High School students there were friends who shared a birthday date with me.

RT @realjonghyun90 Park JiyoonYang, Kim GeonWoo-gun's birthday were on April 8th. This day passed but... If you send a free text message to #1111 it will be seen on Ansan's joint memorial electronic dislpay board. Please keep memories about children.

RT @realjonghyun90 They are children I never shared words with, I never looked in their eyes even once but my cheast still hurts and feels empy. These children breathed the same air with us. We can't forget them. For the sake of these children. For the sake of these who were left. For the sake of the future.

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