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Korean News Articles on Jaejoong's Japan concert tour kick-off

Singer and Actor Kim Jaejoong successfully wrapped up his first concert in Yokohama, Japan.

On the 8th CJeS Entertainemnt said, "On the 7th, Kim Jaejoong spent time with 12,000 audience filled up Yokohama Arena, Japan. He lavished fans with his fan service by not only showing 'aegyo' but also the latest Japanese popular gag. Also he impressed fans with his speechlessly superb performance that they had waited for 2 years."

Since early in the morning the Yokohama concert venue was overcrowded with fans to buy Kim Jaejoong concert's goods. Being swamped with inquiries of adding more concerts to his tour, it has been decided that 2 encore concerts are added by the end of February.

Amidst fans' passionate shouts, Kim Jaejoong opened his concert with 'One Kiss'. He said, "My Japan tour has just begun. It's been 2 years since I last met you, but it feels I met you yesterday and am meeting you again today. It's all thanks to all of your energy." He added, "How well did you do your vacation assignment for 2 years? Probably those who were high school students back then now must be adults and those who were college students now must be now working in the real world. A lot of changes should have happened to both myself and you for 2 years. But like how we always were in the past, let's enjoy passionately in this very place where we are now together", and fans hailed cheers at him.


Kim Jaejoong said, "I'm adapting myself to [Japan] by learning Japanese variety shows and trends. Please tweet at me or comment on my Instagram posts the things that you would want me to do, and I will practice and show them in my remaining tour concerts."

Source: http://starin.edaily.co.kr/news/NewsRead.edy?SCD=EA21&newsid=01325126615828552&DCD=A10202

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