재중이를 기다리는 한나(Hannah)

[INFO] The reason why March is the best month for enlistment:

① Enlist this year and be discharged next year

② Only have to endure 1 winter = experience cold weather training only once

③ As soon as you're discharged, you're already first-year reservist (Cos in Korea, you increase your age count on January 1st of every year, not on your birthday. JJ will be discharged in late Dec, so 2 days later, he will become first-year reservist) More about ROK Reserve Forces here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Republic_of_Korea_Reserve_Forces

④ The possibility of being 꼬인군번 is extremely low = high chance of getting "relieved"

꼬인군번 (literally, entangled soldier): military term - you join an unit where there are many seniors who enlist not long before you, which means it's highly possible that no more newbie will come after you. Remember that military is a hierarchical society where lower-ranking soldiers have to follow the directions of higher-ranking soldiers. Being the lowest-ranking soldier in your troop, you'll have hard time for long.

On the contrary, in case that no long after you move in, your seniors get discharged, many newbies will come in to fill the vacancy, which means you can be relieved of chores early.

Source: http://www.instiz.net/pt?no=2833188

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