[SEEK IV] Taemin x Minho - Not less than siblings as a cute younger brother and strict older brother

Taemin: Minho-kun is always a bright person. For me, among the members he is the one who understands me the most and vice-versa.
Minho: Taemin absolutely listens to whatever I say, he's a good younger brother. Whenever he's having a hard time, he doesn't even say anything selfish and is always considerate (polite) towards us. I think he's admirable.
Taemin: Well, that is because I was strictly taught how to be polite to anyone by Minho-hyung (LOL).
Minho: Also, it's amazing how anything he loses just turns up eventually!

Taemin: How do you easily make friends with anyone?
Taemin: Minho-kun taught me how to be polite (LOL).
Minho: It's alright to act spoiled/be dependent during your hard times.


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