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[Blue Night] SHINee Jonghyun Interview as a pro DJ

'Blue Night I'm Jonghyun' which has first radio broadcast on February 3rd 2014
exceeded over 1000 days!

JJongDi who's been seen while holding 'console' on his own lately is going towards professional radio DJ! ㅎㅅㅎ

Blue Night 1000 days celebration! Console holding celebration!
We did an interview with Jonghyun.

Q: 1000 days passed since your Blue Night hosting. We're curious about your thoughts about it.

"I really like it because I'm able to finish one day and start it together again with another day even if I'm in the middle of busy schedule. 1000 days have passed already and it's feel like time is very fast. I still have a lot of insufficients so please take care of me in the future too."

Q: Recently you showed yourself as a figure who is holding console, how was it after that time?

"I became really nervous and that time I was jealous about our PD-nim (console skills) until I did it. But because 'running a song directly' have more deep feel to listeners it looks like I have to do it well. In the future I'll be skilled for doing it without mistakes."

Q: When was 'the most memorable moment' while doing Blue Night?

"Because I still have my first broadcast script I think the most memorable moment is first broadcast. And it was a while ago but I also remember day when I hold a console for the first time.

(Inexperienced JJongDi's figure in the front of the long awaited first Blue Night broadcast)

Q: At this point please give us some 'Blue Night' spontaneous three-line poem.

"Come quickly to Blue Night,
tonight too
we meet there"

Q" What is radio to Kim Jonghyun?

"Radio is a place of relaxation for me. It's like a diary where are listener's stories and my stories."

Together with different people connecting by radio
various celebration days, and SHINee music activities,
these days recorded like a diary.

Q: What words JJongDi wants to say to listeners who are together with you more than 1000 days?

"Thank you for watching me prettily until now. Please let's make it more beautiful in the future. When you listen it's a time (for me) to doing better."

Everyone please give a praise to our JJongDi!
1 day 1 compliment

Q: For everyone who is reading this interview tell us what song JJongDi wants to listen and a reason?

"Jonghyun's - The End Of A Day. Because it's a song released by radio and it suits Blue Night well!"

Your little shoulders
Your little hands
Become my warm blanket
at the end of a tiring day
You worked hard, you really suffered a lot
I hope my shoulders
and my thick hands
Will become a warm comfort for you
at the end of a tiring day
as well

Let's be together with MBC FM4U <Blue Night I'm Jonghyun> every night at 12AM~2AM
in the future too!


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