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[English translation] [Taemin] Sayonara Hitori

Sung by: Taemin
Lyrics by: Sara Sakurai
Music by: Yoko Hiramatsu, Denniz Jamm, Martin Rene

I want to be wrapped up like this for a long time
If we are to walk while snuggled up to each other
(But) for the present me and and for your present
There are respective tomorrows

As (I watch) your back become smaller, this hand's shaking becomes greater
But I can only walk while looking straight ahead

Goodbye, the sparkling falling flower
Smiles as if missing someone
Goodbye, do not be sad for being alone
In this world, (you're) a flower that blooms in full glory

Surely, in a distant place you are waiting (for me)
Coming for me, to fetch me
Wherever our tomorrow takes us
Time will pass by tediously

Instead of staying beside each other while fearing an eventual parting someday
Is it happier to presently see our dreams as we embrace each other

Goodbye, the flower that falls alone
Smiles as if regretting someone
If one person becomes sad
(Then) I'll continue not being able to touch you

Goodbye, so that we can embrace each other again
Spread your flowers in this world
Goodbye, do not be sad for being alone
In this world, (you're) a flower that blooms in full glory

(t/n1: Sayonara Hitori, is really a hard phrase to translate to English. The "hitori" here seems to be referring to the other person, not the singer, and it literally means "one solitary person". So it's a bit awkward to say "Goodbye, one person" LOL. So I would like to stick to using the JP title. I also interpreted the lyrics a bit differently to fit in the phrase.

t/n2: About stanza 5, I'm not entirely sure if that's what it exactly says, but I think the entire song is revolving around the idea of a "temporary" goodbye, something like separately going their ways to chase after their dreams with the hope that they will meet again later on. So it's a sad song, but it's also an encouraging song to the other half. That is just my interpretation though >>; Actually even JP fans also do not completely understand the lyrics, but that's how Sakurai Sara-sensei works LOL)

• source: http://www.uta-net.com/song/210265/
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