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Conversation With A Calvinist About Westboro Baptist Church #oldpaths #Calvinism

The following is a display of the most logical conversations you will get out of Calvinists attempting to explain their way out of being identified with honest Calvinists like Westboro Baptist Church. Full of obfuscation and circular reasoning. I've only had this much twister banter with Jehovah's Witnesses and evolutionists.

ME. I hear you condemn Wesboro Baptist Church (WBC), but I haven't heard you explain why DOCTRINALLY they are any different from you. Sure, they may have odd practices like picketing funerals, but what about their Biblical position is any different from yours?

Calvinist: Huh? What do you mean? Westboro Baptist are not Calvinists.

Me: Why not?

Calvinist: That's just obvious. It's a stupid question.

Me: But they described themselves as TULIP adherents and reject Arminianism. So why is so "obvious" that they are "not Calvinists".

Calvinist: They say God hates "fags" and that all gays are going to hell.

Me: Do you believe that God loves everyone?

Calvinist: No

Me Do you believe that gays are elect?

Calvinist: No

Me: Do you believe that God loves only the elect and hates the wicked?

Calvinist: Absolutely. God is angry with the wicked every day.

Me: So back to square one. If God hates the wicked, and gays are wicked and unsaved, then God must hate gays, right? And if he hates them, they are going to hell right?

Calvinist: I never said that

Me: So you don't believe that gays are wicked?

Calvinist: Yes, gays are wicked.

Me: And God hates the wicked does He not?

Calvinist: Yes, He does.

Me: So then God hates gays?

Calvinist: I never said that. I'm not from Westboro Baptist Church.

Me: So to sum this up: God hates the wicked, and gays are wicked, but He doesn't hate gays even though you agree they are wicked, and that God hates the sinner as well as the sin.

Calvinist: You are misinterpreting what I am saying

Me: Well why don't you tell us what you are saying because it sounds to me as if you can't even defend and/or stick to your own definitions. So far you've not shown that what you believe is any different from WBC, and therefore, it is not a strawman as you claim, when others compare Calvinism to WBC, and vie that WBC is a display of consistent Calvinism taken to its most logical conclusion.

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