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#MosMaiorum - Statement von nadir.org zur Map und ne Anleitung (engl.) – Statement: Einige Aktivist*innen sind an uns herangetreten, eine Dokumentation der Aktivitäten um die EU-weite Operation "mos maiorum" zu hosten. Ihr findet diese Seite unter: http://map.nadir.org

Dies ist ein Mitmach-Projekt. D.h. ihr könnt selbständig Kontrollen, Festnahmen, Kontrollpunkte oder auch Nachrichten mit einem Ort verknüpfen und dort veröffentlichen. Die Gruppe, die diese Seite betreut, versucht die Informationen auch gegen zu checken, können aber hierbei auch Unterstützung gebrauchen. Direkt kontaktieren könnt ihr sie über mapmosmaiorum [at] riseup.net – PGPKey: http://map.nadir.org/ushahidi/media/uploads/pgp_mapmosmaiorum_riseup_net.asc

Weitere Informationen und die Reisewarnung in verschiedenen Sprachen findet ihr unter: migration-hunt - http://www.statewatch.org/news/2014/oct/migrant-hunt.htm

Eine Anleitung zur Nutzung des Projekts, also wie Nachrichten eingestellt werden können: (http://map.nadir.org/ushahidi/page/index/1)

Map Mos Maiorum! About this map

Under the name "mos maiorum" one of the largest European Joint Police Operations takes place from Monday 13th October until Sunday 26th October. Up to 18 000 members of the police forces of Schengen member states will - coordinated by Europol and Frontex - carry out raids, checks and dragnet searches throughout the whole European Union in order to find, detain and deport illegalized migrants. Anti-racist groups and intiatives strongly critized the operation, demanded to stop of it and published travel warnings for migrants. More information on "mos maiorum" can be found at the Statewatch website.

This project aims to document the raids and controls carried out with "mos maiorum". The map is based on the crowdmapping platform ushahidi. Users can contribute to the map by reporting incidents like checkpoints by using

- our web-based form: http://map.nadir.org/ushahidi/reports/submit/
- an app for Android (http://download.ushahidi.com/track_download.php?download=android) or iOS (http://download.ushahidi.com/track_download.php?download=ios)
- twitter adding the hashtag: #reportmosmaiorum (twitter-reports need to be approved manually though - please be patient)

We try to verify the reports as good as possible though we are certainly not able to double-check every reported incident. We rely on our users to handle information carefully and not to flood the system with misleading information. If there are any suspicious reports please contact us via email to mapmosmaiorum [at] riseup.net

Follow the project on twitter for current updates: twitter.com/@MapMosMaiorum

We do not collect any information on our users. Please note that we do not have the capacities to fully support ssl-encrypted connections to the website at the moment. We're working on it.

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