Message for Valiant 2022

Hello it's Nohill from the Valiant.After enough communication,I regret to say I have to be back to my university to complete my last year.

It's my pleasure to build the new Valiant in this season,because of the boy's 100% trust in me.But for many reasons,I can't take care of the whole team well that we didn't play as well as we could.

I don’t want to discuss or explain more details cause to the difficulties or hardships we actually faced at the moment.Because our colleagues and players respect and support me a lot,and I’m sorry for my mistakes in this season,but please understand the uncontrollable situation could make everything bad though here’re something extremely unprofessional did happen.But most of us are trying best to take it all in and keep going.

Haruhi will help us to complete in stage 4,though we’re all back to our university,but please keep support him and our team.We don't provide the care that a professional team should give to our boys,so everyone suffers a lot.I promise it’ll never happen again in my team.

Finally,pretty thanks to all those who support us,especially the Overwatch League who help us a lot to let us still be here.

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