[141214 SWJ+ Staff Report #2] During Rehearsal ☆

Just a while ago, the last rehearsal ended safely.
We'll show you the scene for a bit.

Before the rehearsal started, Jonghyun said, "This is our last rehearsal, right? I feel sad."
Getting lured in by that and adding to (Jonghyun's words), Taemin said, "It's really sad."

After the rehearsal, everyone including the band members, the dancers, and all the staff took a commemorative photo together.

Lastly, all the members said,
"Please take care of us for the last time!"
Greeting everyone in one, unified voice.

This becomes a page of lovely memories. ☆

* screencap and transcript via @fodfran
* please do not repost/screeencap/copy without permission/credit.
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