[141215 SWJ SHINee Board Update] SHINee WORLD 2014 ~I'm Your Boy~」Successfully Completed!


Hello, SHINee World J!
Yesterday, we successfully finished the hall and arena performances--all 30 concerts!
It started on September and before we realized it, it was already December.
The members also mentioned it, that when the concert started, December felt so far away.
It really happened in a blink of an eye.
Thank you very much for that wonderful time!

As if to say "Good job!" the members, the dancers, and the band members were given this present from SHINee World J ☆
The members and everyone were all surprised and were even more delighted ^^
(t/n: it was the chocolate illustration :) )

Thank you for spend every week, every wonderful time, and even my birthday with you.
I was really happy to receive your greetings.
I love you all.

Every concert was really fun!
I was very happy to see everyone's smiles and hear everyone's voice!
Thank you very much!

Everyone, thank you very much.
Even though we have finished our 30 concerts, I'm looking forward to next year's concert.
We're currently preparing songs we want to sing as well as our activities!
We'll do our best with the power you've given us for 30 times!

Meeting everyone for 30 concerts have really become a memory I cannot forget!
Thank you very much!
You are the best!!

Thanks to everyone (the tour) was really fun and happy!
All until the end, and for eternity, let us continue to be together!


Everyone's support from all the regions became our strength!
Thank you very much!
And then this year, it's unfortunate but we will not be able to spend Christmas with you.
SHINee World J! Merry Christmas! Thank you for this year!
-- Is what the members said ♪
We hope you have a wonderful Christmas! ☆

Well then! Let us meet again in Tokyo Dome~!

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