When death comes too early, chaos reigns in its wake. During times like these we must rise above the dusk and sorrow and seek a higher plane where peace, love, joy and celebration overcomes the emptiness, and shines a light upon the darkness.

With the passing of Prince, my friend, my knight, and my everlasting ally, I, along with millions of you, search for words and ways to make sense of the senselessness that this reality presents to us. How do we mourn? How do we express? How do we accept such a deep loss to our musical past, present, and future? As we will someday begin the process of acceptance and overcome the fear of letting go, what can we take with us to remind us of the light that shine so bright among us?

Gratefully, this path has already been blazed for us, in Platinum and Gold
no less. It is a path that is broad and welcoming. It is a path that transcends race, politics, age, orientation, gender, genre and other limitations that we place on our thinking and ourselves. It is a path of joy, and sorrow, Diamonds and Pearls. It touches upon every emotion we are blessed to Experience. It is a path of melody and mirth. Of angst and anger. Of conflict and resolution, sometimes through a call of Revolution. It’s not my effort to be clever, or even creative, in the above paragraph. It is only meant to share my sorrow, and my solace, in the music which we all love, and loved Prince for creating. Through his music, we were able to express what seemed impossible to say. Through his creativity, we were able to imagine and dream the incredible, to create a new reality. Through his hard work and determination, we were able to believe in the ability to overcome those obstacle set before us.

Prince was a Visionary. A Dreamer and a Believer. But most of all, he believed in those whom his music touched. To watch him perform was, as he encouraged, “To see the dawn.” There was a new-ness, a freshness, a coolness that seemed to exude from his every pore. I’ve been asked, “What was it like to create and perform music with Prince? ” My rebuttal was usually a tongue in cheek, “Ask him what it was like to create and perform with me.” It’s an answer that he would understand because it comes from the boldness that he played a part of instilling in me. I will share with you now, that the truth is, I never knew what it was like, creating with Prince. In truth, each time was different, constantly evolving. To describe one experience as an example of them all, would only serve to reduce the significance of the others. And as Prince would say, “That ain’t cool.” And that is the essence of Prince and the legacy of the music he leaves for us to enjoy. His music is different, each time, in the most magical of ways. I close wishing each of you Peace, Love, and Joy in your celebration of Prince’s life. Through his music he achieved the eternal. Through your love and support of him; past, present and future, he will remain our Prince. May your heart shine shades of Purple, 4ever.
I know mine will.
Sheila E.

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