Build-Tweet Item In False Davos Assumptions: On Population Per Moral/Science Paired Stages

Build-Tweet Item In False Davos Assumptions: On Population Per Moral/Science Paired Stages


A link to their false assumptions (really, OPINION: delusional
non-recognition of having been bailed out by persons who
simply make good decisions when enjoying a semblace of
democratic monetary life) will be added.
Though this is something already:


Oligarchs’ Arrogant Presumptuous Helpers Obsessed W/Population Size:
Entirely Again It’s Only Themselves The Problem.
Moving From Bloodlust Based Democracy Charade To Mutual Respect
Here Mutual Respect There, & Cooperation, Self-Resolves That
Replace The Wizard & Other @’s self enabled through simply the
above: arrogance, false presumption, self-importance, and
insanely over the top imposition, w/ Dorothy & Tin Man, and
that’s actually the women’s equalists talking, & it’s actually
a precise repeat of what the Iroquois did at the most
operative level in terms of community populational epigenetic
adaptation, and it means both Dorothy & Tin Man enjoy a new
better stage of existence, no longer shortchanged in their
existence (& so Kenneth Clark’s proofs in Brown v Board o
Education actually applies to everyone;) AND:
Dorothy now will just sometimes start marriage/birthing a
little later.
There’s a direct moral-science pairing as to
straight female-straight male: PROVED, with explanation,
with the real case of an economically pressured expat community in Canada.

Gay straight is the SAME sliding scale dynamic, at a different point.
That one sliding scale reflects for warlords’ stage
gay males being MORE macho, born to higher fecundity for longer
birth strings the latter a little likelier gay: a community can
under pressure as above also at a human stage need guys delivering
subsistence without making more babies.
It’s cross-correlated with winter birthing,obviously scarcity
the dynamic.
I’ll provide the substantiations to ALL THE ABOVE again,
in this twishort.

The expat community case (straight male/straight female
slight sliding scale distribution dynamic, epigenetically
proved moderate by the quality of mom’s diet) has directed
relevance to the subject community’s actual public and
international affairs currently

NEW entering this: the brain will tamp down burning
calories when signaled the body needs saving energy.
(This item may be slightly rephrased.)

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