[SHINee] 150313 All Night Nippon Gold - Transcript PART 5

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48:00 - end

DJ: You are listening to SHINee's All Night Nippon Gold. And we have more mail here, let's read some of them. This one is from Yuki-san. She asks, "What would you be 20 years from now?"

Key: 20 years?

Onew: Like, what we aim to be?

DJ: Yes, yes.

Jonghyun: How old will we be after 20 years?

DJ: Around 40...

Onew: Plus 20 years would be...

Key: If we count to 20 years we'll be..

Jonghyun: How old will we be?

Onew: Forty...l-lol

Jonghyun: 44? 45?

Key: 47?

Minho: We'll be old men.

Key: No...

Onew: 47, right? Maybe. We'll be old men, right?


DJ: You've become old by then.

Jonghyun: What would I be doing then, I wonder...

Key: I think I would've married and become a good papa.

Onew: Good papa.

DJ: Key-san would be a good dad.

Key: I want to become one!

Onew: A good papa.

Jonghyun: You want to be a good dad ohhh

Onew: *sings* Good papa, good papa.

Minho: Aha!

Jonghyun: How about Onew-kun?

Onew: A good papa!

Jonghyun: Also a good papa!

Minho: How about Jonghyun-kun?

Jonghyun: Just...I'll probably be just a composer. It would be also nice if I become a good papa, too though. Minho-kun?

Minho: Although I also want to be a good papa...uh...a good husband?

Taemin: Danna-san?
(t/n: Danna is an informal term for "husband" and means "master of the household". Traditional wives usually call their husbands "danna-sama".)

Jonghyun: What about Taemin-kun?

Taemin: I want to do nothing but travel.


Key: After 20 years?

DJ: Will you still be in SHINee after 20 years?

Jonghyun: We will.

Onew: Maybe.

Key: It will be a special opportunity. Opportunity? If we don't fight or if there are no incidents/accidents, then I'd like to continue like that but...

Minho: Will our bodies be okay?

Jonghyun: Right, right.

Key: Yes yes, it's a question of endurance, right?

Taemin: But that time...

Jonghyun: Maybe that time we can't do performances like we're doing now but we can continue doing SHINee songs and stage performances.

Key: What if we do acoustic versions of our songs now after 20 years?

DJ: We'll be looking forward to new versions of your songs then! Anyway, I think that your fans have the same feelings as you do.

Key: That's true. We have to ask them to take care of us again!

Taemin: It will be like a dream.

Key: But really, we would like to continue even until that time.

DJ: That's right. Well then, tomorrow and the day after will be your Tokyo Dome concerts. You've said that performing in Tokyo Dome had been your dream since your debut and even before that. But now that you've achieved that big dream, what is SHINee's dream now?

Key: I think maybe, we'd like to exert more effort on our albums and level up. But that isn't really a dream in itself. We'd just like to take care of our health first and foremost and to continue to show different sides of us with all our best.

Jonghyun: I want to go on a new concert tour.

Onew: That's true.

DJ: For Jonghyun-san, it's a tour.

Jonghyun: Nationwide tour, yes.

Key: We say this every year, though, about wanting to go on tour every time.

Jonghyun: Once we're done with the Dome concert, I want to prepare for a new tour.

DJ: I see. What about Onew-san?

Onew: I want to go somewhere we haven't been to before and perform there. And if there's a chance, I want to do a dome tour.

DJ: What about Minho-san?

Minho: As for me ah...I just want all of us to always be healthy. It's what I want to aim for.

Onew: That would be our first priority, right?

Minho: Our health comes first.

DJ: Taemin-san?

Taemin: I also want...after this Dome concert, to go on a dome tour. And lastly, I want to perform, all of us five, in a stadium, too.

Onew: Ohh

Taemin: I definitely want to so I'm going to do my best.

Onew: It's definitely our new goal, right?

DJ: That's right. Well then, our last song will be the coupling song to "Your Number". Please introduce it.

Key: Okay. We're really excited to perform this particular song on stage. Please listen to "Love".


DJ: Well then, we've managed to finish one and half hours. Before we end the show, please give a short message with your thoughts about this show.

Jonghyun: How was our radio show?!

Onew: I was really happy. What I want to say is I'm thankful for everyone's existence. Thank you very much.

Key: Today was really fun and time went by really fast. Please take care of us again and look forward to Tokyo Dome, we'll do our best. Thank you.

Taemin: I was really happy today. To have people listen in to our talk, and a fan of us even came. We made a lot of memories. Thank you very much.

Minho: I'm really happy today. We made a lot of memory....es.

Jonghyun: What? You're an S?
(t/n: S - sadist)

Onew: What? Why? What are you saying?

Minho: Memories? I really want to meet everyone.

DJ: Thank you very much. Then, Jonghyun-san.

Jonghyun: Today was really fun. But is it okay to release this kind of stream?

DJ: Of course it is.

Key: I'm also worried.

Jonghyun: I'm a bit worried that we weren't able to convey what we really wanted to say but it was fun. If there's another opportunity, let's meet again.

DJ: But really, I'm sure you haven't experienced doing a radio show and talking for one and a half hours using Japanese, right?

Jonghyun: It was hard. LOL!

Taemin: This is the longest (Japanese) radio show we've been in.

DJ: I know, right?

Onew: I was panicking all the while.

DJ: Eh, Onew-san panicked all the time?

Jonghyun: How many times did you panic?

Onew: 48...

Jonghyun: 48 times?! You panicked for 48 times?

DJ: LOL Ah, but I think this has also become a good memory for all your listeners. Thank you very much to our listeners for tuning in until the end. This has been..

Onew: Onew and

Jonghyun: Jonghyun and

Minho: Minho and

Taemin: Taemin and

Key: Key.

SHINee: Thank you very much!

Minho: Bye!

* source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vh6wRpk0irA
* transcript/translation: keihissi
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Yay it's done! :) Thanks for being patient. I know this might be used for subs? But I don't think it will be good because I skipped some parts that are redundant/incomprehensible. Sorry about that ;;. IDK how to remedy it. I'll do better with my transcripts next time. Thanks for reading! - keihi

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