this is one of a panoply of communications tools relating
to a pair of paradigms
...what's in the heading, and, "uncertainty & threshold,"
linked below.
this, like all others are always being augmented, being
organic. FRANKLY: consistencies do not fail turning up
for a minute.
Moi, the author, am a retirement age public health professional.

This will be remade more generically, tailored for specific
case applications, and so forth.

Such use for such application may be an ideal manner of
explaining and so the generics of the paradigm below are
here first used in that manner.

"larger cultural choices" and "'science measurable match-
pair' 'offsets'" is a multi-dynamic affair and frankly my own
background (health econ/public health entered fr econ)
encouraged myself to address both, and, by way of fam
osmotics, to delve in relevant:
these pairings in the sense of stages of development are
visibly dichotomously relating as "confrontational oligarchies"
v "non-confrontational democracies."
currently intent using one social media identity, it's
nonetheless bifurcated: health econ/public health; diplomacy.



Here we go, for the former:

South Dakota May Criminalize Lifesaving
Health Care for Trans Youth

​---the evidence is overwhelming
it's sliding scale community populational
adaptive epigenetis relative to time and
place-usually based stages of development,
with warlordism demanding birhting earlier
for longer for more macho males and extra
males or war.
see below and on 3 pages populating anew
all the epigenetic steps, incl gay males are
more ont less masculine in body build.
many many obviously running-parallels have
shown up and are entering paradigm, with
fathers determine gender obviously also on
an uncertainty & threshold related sliding
scale basis, while mom's determine intelligence
as to specific measures used in the study.
see beow at wofford intelligence is measurable
many ways: i'll find it bringing it towar the top,
for now my best recollection he id's apx. 20.

People troll themselves when they reduce humanity.
Were I a malignant garch, they might as well all
be robots.

Bears hibernate.
Maybe girls ...if it's a mouse or something spooky,
it could likely be a ...scream.
Females are the population gateway for the next
generation (paradigm says preferably understanding
the essentialness of democracy & good intentions,
as to how the human race getis "right" in the
pursuit of science & technology.)
Obviously there's an uncertainty & threshold limit
to community privation such that women scream
and males are, depending on the stage of development,
first available for war and or some later in the birth
string "more hands fewer mouths."
And one correlation, left handed, is also correlated
with winter birth, so it looks for hunting not just war.
links coming though backing after election stuff.
just correlations. does not mean gay.
though that's totally natural normal appropriate
in larger cultural chioces/epigenetic offset
sliding scale fashion.

UCSF, for those not familiar w/ health, very prominent,
has a formal trans-natural-determination protocol.

the above is NOT anti-religious but quite the
opposite cause it finds given learning from
history, incl in pre-judging and presumption,
and all Abrahamic religions profess learning
from history, "larger cultural choices," what
is morality (religion) and knowledge (science)
are 2 doors to one thing.
the above's also deliberately intended maybe-
usable in the sense of "same paging" prior to
finding life exists on our solar system's moons
​and wherever else. academic use claimed

Gay Males More Masculine, Like J. Edgar Hoover

​Gay Males / Left Handedness

Left Handed: Smarter, Alexander The Great
Was Gay And Smart

Left Handed / Winter Birth, Such As For Hunting
(More Hands Fewer Mouths, If Gay)

ENEN treatment:
---pedophile is cubbyholed Caligula highly arcene
limited community purpose: the marauder, making
the above errant dismissing as deformity if/assuming
it played a very limited time & place larger cutural
choiced-science measurable offsets (visible
epigenetically) role.
It's a different affair from gay per se.
But it IS matched to the Trump culture.
Pedophilia shares the left handedness
correlation but UNIQUELY'S correlated
​with sociopathy.

Under Economic Pressure Increase Male
Population Without Commensurate Increase In Females
More males not by planning but as natural
​ appropriate offset
relative to stage of development.

This is the stage of development:
Michael Palin at the India-Pakistan border ceremony - BBC

Geneticists make new discovery about how
a baby's sex is determined

Children inherit their intelligence from
their mother not their father, say scientists

Boy or girl? It's in the father's genes

Baby's Gender Linked To Mother's
Diet At Conception
That still works with sliding scale more
hands fewer mouths
...a rheostat BOTH as to straight male-straight
female AND
gay-straight (more hands fewer mouths/
first available for war.)

every case of embryonic diapause,
consistent with the above, should
likely be found working or community
wide avoidance of community uncertainty
& threshold based collapse, in favor of
adequate sustenance for the mouths on hand.

Gay Males More Masculine, Like J. Edgar Hoover
--note at "hypermasculine;" can also
explain flambouyance; but, of course,
gays are about understanding scapegoating,
not limitation; so, some overreaction can
be understandable.

under selection's a link for this known
study, a problem being popular press
headings are often too easily
misinterpreted; IN SUM:
---i'm using the original publication and
adding my COMMENTARY
(others' perspectives can be one or
two degrees off true north if my
treatment were true north:)
--higher fecundity women
--producing more not less macho
--from earlier, for longer
--toward the end of the longer
birth string
--are then a little likelier to produce
--obviously a perfect sliding scale
relation for more hands fewer mouths,
​and, first available for war.
---the misinterpreted part from some
manners of presentation is reading
too much into this:
the high, common, availability of a
gay epigenetic factor obviously working
in the manner of uncertainty & threshold.

the ucsf transgender protocol.
for the uninitiated ucsf's as
prominent as it gets.

hence it'a yet more tempting thinking
this is about larger cultural choices
(morality, religion) and energy.
which is the endocrinologic dimension.
something from recently serves this.
it's about a
"humane" way of prepping geese for
production of foie gras.

'Ethical' foie gras: French scientists develop
new way to make controversial delicacy
---instead of forced feed-fattening,
bacteria known to induce fat
storage are injected
---the import's best understood from
the flip side:
the larger cultural choice industrial
ag laden w/ antibiotics and sweeteners
artificial or industrial (fructose:
browser page word find: fructose
...and you will be very surprised
(will link specifics shortly))
ultimately alter humans' very energy
based endocrinologic epigenetics.
much more on fructose: more here later


it's time to wonder if this is changing
the human race permanently

loire missing limbs at birth is
already in uncertainty & threshold.

Commonalities In Occurrence Of The Dynamic
"Uncertainty & Threshold" For Suggested
Use W Paradigms

twishort.com/MtJnc (which is an updated URL)

may be still updating to acknowledge this
being updated.
newest updates are sometimes simply placed at these
devices' bottom-of-page locations.

---a communication device passworded
by myself, all such devices always
getting augmented, being organic.
frankly, consistencies never stop
showing up for a minute.

A study carried out in mice may
help explain why dieting can
be an inefficient way to lose
weight: key brain cells act as
a trigger to prevent us burning
​ calories when food is scarce.

this further connects the above with endocrinology.

the above paradigm's tempting being linked w/ simply the
energy. cultural choices.

ACADEMIC USE CLAIMED: aimed at the univ. of california regents here:

ACADEMIC USE CLAIMED: aimed at the univ. of california regents here:

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