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Prince who brings spring:Jaejoong
When he appears on the meadow, the clouds disappear, the sun shines, the plants and trees are full of joy, and the birds sing.
He has a mysterious power, the prince who landed on the last NYLON in the Heisei period. The gentle wind that touches your face may be his breath.

On the day of shooting, it was heavy rain. The theme of this shooting is "The Prince of the Forest". I was disappointed as I could only say "terrible". However, while we were shooting indoors, it became clear. Then the rain stopped and the sun came out at the timing to shoot the cover. He was a prince with a truly mysterious power. We were able to see his immense attraction during the interview. He does not forget his love for the fans. Feel him with kind and nice caring.

Q: Thank you for coming today in bad weather. First of all, please let us know what you think about the shooting.
J: I heard today's shot would be on location, but it was raining from morning and I thought no good.

Q: I heard that the day you are serious is rainy. Do you realize that you are a rain man?
J: Yes. There was a high probability that it rained in the past, on my important day.

Q: Today is rainy, so I think positively about that. (Lol)
J: I am serious today. Thank you very much.

Q: First, about fashion. Did you have any impressive coordination in today's filming?
J: All. There were a lot of clothes that I would never wear. However, I have no prejudice, and I have no idea that "this is good" or "this should not be." I think it was good to have a new challenge.

Q: Do you have any items or styling that you care about in spring?
J: As it is spring, it is good to be colorful, isn't it? My hair is also bright, so I think that colorful clothes fit me.

Q: What kind of clothes do you wear most recently?
J: I often wear black clothes. When I go out, it's a little bothersome to pick up a color. Of course, I have a lot of clothes. I change clothes everyday, but others often say, "You always wear the same clothes."

Q: Are you careful about beauty? What items are you using frequently these days?
J: I don't know the name, but I bought this recently (he showed a photo, a large electric facial machine).

Q: Oh…Is this a machine? mask?
J: There is such machine in dermatology. This machine cleans the skin with a laser.

Q: Is this for home use?
J: Recently become available at home. It's a bit expensive, though. It costs well over a hundred thousand yen. It's so small, though

Q: Did you buy it in Korea?
J: Yes, you can buy it online.

Q: What kind of effect did you have?
J: To be honest, I do not know yet.

Q: You just bought it, right?
J: That's right. I have to use it every day. It is said that this is more effective than one ordinary facial mask. If I run out of facial masks, I have to buy them, but I can use this from now on. At night, just wear it and go to bed.

Q: Have you been training recently?
J: I'm not trained, I'm sorry.

Q: Do you have any particular about food?
J: I do not care in particular. I am easy to get fat just with my face, the body is not so. I think it may be good, because when I get fat I may look young. If I have a shot the next day, I go on a diet a little. I'm not a type to get fat, but I will try my best to lose weight if I feel something around the belly. I am managing myself.

Q: Do you also drink alcohol?
J: Of course.

Q: What do you like to drink?
J: I like the barley shochu with barley tea. And while drinking it, Tequila too.

Q: Tequila while drinking shochu? What is your favorite brand in barley shochu?
J: Anything is fine.

Q: You can drink a lot, aren’t you?
J: I like to drink, I drink when stress builds up.

Q: Do you drink every night?
J: Not every night ... Ah, I drank a highball yesterday.

Q: You are very good at Japanese, did you get better while working?
J: Maybe…

Q: Many readers are learning language, how do they get well?
J: Write out the words. Then I think that they will improve soon if they have friends.

Q: Have you made more friends to learn Japanese?
J: To be honest, not only I learn from my teacher, but after I made friends, my Japanese became better.

Q: Who are your Japanese friends?
J: There are many ordinary people. If in the entertainment world, I can't meet my friends so many times.

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