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What Is Twishort?

Long ago we all felt in love with Twitter for its short quotes, but sometimes we need few characters more to provide the right message. Keeping the path, and when 280 characters are not enough for sharing your best ideas, Twishort is always here to help you.

Post longer tweets, share thoughts, discuss challenging issues without any limits. So, whenever you’ve got panic that your message exceeds the allowed size limit, don’t be afraid anymore. Share without limits.

How It Works for You?

Twishort provides longer tweets to Twitter to allow its users make posts more than 280 characters. You post long tweet, and Twishort cuts it to the required size limit and posts it automatically to Twitter with a link. Following that link, users could read the whole text.

Be sure, the more you engage people with your content, the greater number of followers you will have. Write longer tweets, express your ideas more clearly, and interact and inspire social actions with Twishort.

Post Longer Tweets with Twishort

To start using Twishort, please sign in with your Twitter account. When signed in, you will be able to write tweets longer than 280 characters to Twitter right away. Respecting your privacy, Twishort will never access your private information without permission. We use your data only to benefit your conversation.

Don’t be shy, and share your best ideas with the world!

Share Emotions. Tweet Ideas. Without Limits.